Buying a home can be a daunting task but our mission is to guide you through every step of the process. We provide you with tips, advice and resources so you can determine if owning a home is more fitting than renting.

Not quite ready for homeownership? You've still come to the right place, as we will provide you with rentals that fit your exact preference and necessities. We're Realtors® specializing in residential real estate and will also help you if you're ready to list and/or already familiar with the home buying process. 

We bring South Florida real estate "New York minute" closings. Contact us with any inquiries you may have, we're here to help!



Home Sellers Are Pocketing More Money

April 28 2017

The first quarter was the most profitable time to be a home seller in nearly a decade. Yet, many homeowners are continuing to stay put in their...


Following Weeks of Declines, Rates Tick Up

April 28 2017

Mortgage rates are back up above 4 percent this week. 


Is the Homeownership Rate Finally Stabilizing?

April 28 2017

The homeownership rate increased among all age groups in the first quarter. 


If Buyers Want to Save Money: Tell Them to Shop

April 28 2017

A new study reveals the saving potential of borrowers who shop around for a mortgage. The savings can really add up. 


How Trees Benefit Home Values

April 27 2017

Are your clients looking for a smart-home improvement project with a significant return on investment? Advise them to plant a tree.


Tech Jobs Take Blame for Overpriced Housing?

April 28 2017

As more areas hope to become the next Silicon Valley, some community planners are encouraging cities to take action to make sure they do not price...

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